Klever announced as Nordic Startup Awards finalist!

Klever was selected from 2500 startup companies as a Finnish finalist in the Nordic Startup Awards

Jeanette Samuelsson

Jeanette Samuelsson

Press release 2.8.2018

Payment technology company Klever has been selected as a Finnish finalist at Nordic Startup Awards. Finland’s best startups from 13 different categories will continue to the Nordic finals in Copenhagen at the end of October.

Klever competes in the “Fintech of the Year” category with five other Finnish financial technology companies. The finalists are chosen by the national expert team. The other finalists are Bankify, Fundu, Invesdor and Aurora X.

“This news comes at a great time for us and we are truly grateful to our users who have set us up for this challenge,” comments Jussi Muurikainen, Head of Communications at Klever.

Two weeks ago, Klever announced that it will start a cooperation with the largest invoice distributor in the Nordics, Postnord Strålfors. Klever has also recently published co-operation with Lindorff and has gained even more robust experience to the board of directors.

Klever is currently in its last days issuing shares on Invesdor’s investment platform (www.invesdor.com/klever). Many well-known industry professionals have participated in the share issue. More than one million euros have been invested in the start-up at the time of writing.
For more information, please contact: Jussi Muurikainen, Head of PR, Klever
jussi.muurikainen@kleverappcom.test.cchosting.fi, +358 50 567 3100

Klever in brief:

Klever is a financial engineering startup company that has developed a mobile app to receive and pay bills. The company, which was set up in 2015, has raised EUR 3 million in funding from investors and received an EUR 0.5 million loan from Business Finland. Now the company is in the commercialization phase and cooperation with major brokers and banks is underway. www.kleverapp.com

Nordic Startup Awards in Brief:

The Nordic Startup Awards are part of the Danish Global Startup Awards, which annually rewards those growth companies who dare to dream big and shape the future we live in. The Nordic Startup Awards embrace five of the finest companies in 40+ countries and gather people around the world to celebrate entrepreneurship and the most astonishing businesses. www.nordicstartupawards.com

Klever’s recent news:

1.8.2018 Why did Elina Koivumäki, the singing lawyer, invest in Klever?

17.7. The CEO of My Safety and expert in consumer business invests in Klever. http://klever.fi/en/blog-en/superman-of-consumer-business-invests-in-internationally-promising-klever/

12.7.2018 Klever announces a partnership with Lindorff. http://klever.fi/en/blog-en/the-co-operation-of-klever-and-lindorff-to-reduce-payment-defaults-and-improve-corporate-cash-flows/

10.7.2018 Nordnet’s securities brokerage manager Nuutti Hartikainen invests in Klever. http://klever.fi/en/blog-en/we-asked-nordnets-securities-brokerage-manager-why-he-invested-in-klever-everyone-of-us-pays-invoices-and-would-thus-be-a-potential-customer-for-klever/

10.7.2018 Sijoittaja.fi analysis Klever as an investment. https://www.sijoittaja.fi/95568/analyysissa-klever-osakeanti-invesdor/

5.7.2018 Kauppalehti, a significant financial newspaper writes about Klever. https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/laskut-siirtyvat-kannykkaan–mobiililasku-haastaa-e-laskun/RgsHJr27

4.7.2018 Klever has signed a partnership agreement with the largest invoice distributor in the Nordics, PostNord Strålfors.http://klever.fi/en/blog-en/postnord-stralfors-the-largest-invoice-distributor-in-the-nordics-starts-cooperation-with-klever/

4.7.2018 Mats Wolontis, famous for exits and internationalisation is now a member of Klever’s board of directors. http://klever.fi/blogi/exiteista-ja-kansainvalistymisesta-tunnettu-mats-wolontis-on-kleverin-uusin-hallituksen-jasen/