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Klever’s board member Stefan Anderson: “It was not that we sat down at the kitchen table and I ordered my family to invest in Klever. They have made the decision themselves.”

Mathias Soini

Mathias Soini

Stefan Anderson is from Vaasa and is a member of Klever’s board. After graduating from Vasa’s school of economics, he lived in Stockholm for nine years working for Procter & Gamble. Stefan also worked at Sanoma and has been Finland’s CEO and Chief Sales Officer at the global parking company EasyPark.

Who is Stefan Anderson? What are you good at?

“I have experience in various leading roles, and I’ve been involved in strategy development, business development & commercialisation. Sales and marketing are what I do,” Stefan explains.

“I am good at developing concepts that are attractive for specific target groups. Then I make sure that there is some kind of sales towards them. B2B or B2C, C2C or C2B. I have worked with all these concepts”, he continues.

Did you see the potential for commercialisation and a concept attractive to the target groups even with Klever when you became a member of the board two years ago?

“It was more than that. Everything started with Simon and Jeanette contacting me. I was also a member of the board in their first company, Fixura, which distributes peer-to-peer loans”, he explains.

“Jeanette explained the concept to me. I do not have direct experience in the banking world, but I’m not too bad at seeing potential in concepts that are also appreciated by consumers.”

“It’s just looking at macro trends; almost everybody has smartphones, people pay by phone, and so people have less time, and everything is expected to be easy and convenient.”

“In addition, the other players in the billing chain like banks, invoice distributors and credit institutions have a similar view of these trends and the market situation and have a similar vision, it means that the players of the ecosystem do not play against each other, but they have the same interest in collaborating”, Stefan explains.

“End users might be consumers, but these players are important partners for Klever and its success.”

What is your role on Klever’s board?

“If I look at who we have on the board; Teemu, who has a technological background and knowledge, Dag is from the financial world and Mats is new and has more start-up perspectives and understands different phases of companies and what should be done. I also have experience from starting up new companies that have also been purchased. But my knowledge from the media world, as well as my experience in commercialisation, business- and product development is my key knowledge in Klever,” says Stefan.

There are some similarities between EasyPark and Klever, what do you see in common with these companies?

“EasyPark is used to pay for its parking. The basic concepts are equal, that is to say, there is a clear consumer need and the unique selling point is the same; that is convenience.”

“Also, there are other similarities like saving consumers money. At Klever, we help solve people’s liquidity problems as we will offer competitive priced payment methods. In addition, our customers can avoid problems arising from unpaid invoices, i.e. reminder fees and, in the worst case, payment remarks,” he explains.

Klever reminds of future payments with notices, and the app also saves payment reminders with their original invoices.

How did it happen that not only you but your family have invested in Klever?

“My whole family studies or have studied at the Swedish School of Economics. Everyone in the family also has stock portfolios from before, although that is mostly listed blue-chip companies. They are quite low risk but also low reward placements”, he says.

“It was not that we sat down at the kitchen table and I ordered my family to invest in Klever. They have made the decision themselves and thought for themselves. Certainly, they have asked me some questions about why I believe in the company.”

“The new directives will change the banking world (PSD2), consumer needs are present, and macro trends are also there. But as we all know, Start-ups are risky investments, but they can also have high rewards.”

“Now it’s up to Klever’s operational management to capitalise on the concept. I fully trust Jeanette and Simon, whom I have known since many years ago.”

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