Klever’s CEO – “Through my companies, I can make life easier for millions of people”

Mathias Soini

Mathias Soini

Jeanette Samuelsson is the founder and CEO of Klever. In this blog post, we will introduce her and discuss her background, what inspires her and what she wants to achieve.

Jeanette’s colleagues and fellow board members describe her as an energetic and inspiring person with a “go-get-it” attitude and as someone who makes sure that things get done, not just initiated. It’s easy to underline this, having worked with her for almost a year.

Now it’s time to hear her story through her own words.

Who is Jeanette Samuelsson?

I’m a driven and positive serial entrepreneur with an “I will either find a way or make one” -attitude.

I live by the coast of The Gulf of Bothnia with four beautiful children that mean the world to me. We love travelling, experiences and spending time with family and friends. By myself, I like to do things that are good for both mind and body, spend time in nature, exercise and educate myself.

A very important part of my life has been building up financial security for the future both for myself and for others. This interest was what turned me into investing, real estate, trading and building businesses.

I have always loved helping people and solving problems. With today’s technology, you can help so many people through platforms and service solutions. I’m a proud founder of Fixura in 2009 and now Klever 2015. Through my companies, I can make everyday life easier for millions of people.

What are you like as an entrepreneur?

I have always had a “there is nothing you can’t do” -mindset and a solution based thinking.

My first experience in sales was working at my grandparents’ typical Ostrobotnian smoked fish kiosk in the countryside. I was about 10 years old.

Later in life, my way of conducting business has evolved in a direction that could be described as the “Silicon Valley way”. I prioritise organisational culture and turn calculated risks and goal-oriented investments into services that I want to provide to people. I pick the best from different worlds and build a family within the company.

Why should people invest in Klever?

We are one of the few companies that have come a long way to leverage from PSD2, which will release bank-owned data for businesses when it finally comes into force in 2019. With this data, we can support our client’s personal finance management in the most optimal way and connect that into the invoice financing market.

We own the smoothest solution for large invoice distributors to send invoices to their clients and we have signed the Nordic’s biggest invoice distributor as a user of our m-Invoice service. Consumers can receive and manage their invoices directly on their smartphones.

Also, I see this as an opportunity to become a part of the evolution for those who feel that paying invoices should be more convenient in today’s world. With Klever, we are not just solving one problem and making life more carefree for our customers, we are also being a part of making people more financially aware.

Are you interested in Klever too? Do you want to be an investor in this rapidly growing Finnish company? Read more and invest a small or big sum at www.invesdor.com/klever