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Superman of consumer business, invests in internationally promising Klever

Mathias Soini

Mathias Soini

My Safety’s CEO, Niclas Fagerlund has a persuasive industrial background, from which he moved to consumer business 12 years ago.

Judging from the results, this would be the right solution. Niclas has been involved in, among other things, building and scaling pay TV operator Plus TV, from zero to hundreds of thousands of paying users.

Niclas recently invested in the Finnish Fintech- company Klever. Klever makes the payments of consumer bills easy and effortless. Soon Klever will also revolutionize payment methods, combining mobile billing and invoicing in a unique way.

In Klever, Fagerlund was particularly intrigued by the billing and payment methods and their development.

“Any firm can develop an appealing business idea and get customers excited, but if billing doesn’t work, the result is  zero.”

What is the secret to a company’s success then?

“For a company to be successful, the business idea, how it is implemented with the end customer at heart, and the driving team behind it are most important,” Niclas tells by experience.
Klever’s business success also culminates in the consumer’s interest in using Klever. Therefore, the consumer has always been at the heart of product development.

Niclas is also impressed by Klever’s management team.

“The team has knowledge, skills and experience. They have come up with a rational-sounding business idea, and they’re determined to implement it. “

At Plus TV, Niclas raised risk capital for EUR 30 million and actively met investors in London and Stockholm. He has been closely following investors’ actions and knows on what successful investment decisions are based. Alongside his investment, Niclas wants to actively support Klever with his expertise.

“There is rarely a bad time for investing, on the contrary, there are bad investment objects. For your investments, it is important to find the right type of potential companies and be smart to be involved with know-how and advise, if and when it is needed. ”

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