Klever announces partnership with Lindorff


Jeanette Samuelsson

Jeanette Samuelsson

In a surprising economic situation, many consumers are faced with a deadlock: funding is available for a number of purchases, but if the money is needed for the payment of a bill, the situation is more difficult. The latest feature of the Finnish technology start-up company Klever’s mobile service changes the situation. By means of the service, the consumer can move the invoice due date forward and, if desired, divide the invoice into parts. The invoicing company still receives the full payment on the due date.

Klever is a Finnish mobile application making it easy to receive and pay bills. Klever’s recent partnership with an independent credit management company Lindorff allows postponing due dates and dividing bills into smaller parts. The cooperation agreement was signed on 5 July 2018, and the service will be introduced in August-September.

We help consumers to avoid payment defaults. If the consumer has the credit score in the right condition, one will be granted additional time to pay, for example, an electricity bill at a fair price within the Klever app. Klever selects their partner closely. We are not concerned to partner with those who provide high-interest consumer credit, as we want to keep prices moderate for the consumer, “says Jussi Muurikainen, Communications Director at Klever.

“Partnering with Lindorff makes Klever’s service even more comprehensive. Connecting invoice distribution and funding to the mobile is completely unique and responsive to a significant consumer need. Almost 40,000 people have downloaded Klever’s application. The service is constantly evolving from the needs of the consumer – for example, last week we talked about the cooperation agreement with the Nordics largest invoice distributor PostNord Strålfors, Kleve’s CEO Jeanette Samuelsson explains.

Klever is a free mobile application for consumers to receive and pay all invoices. The app will read the bill information automatically and the bill can be paid in the application with one swipe. At the same time, all future invoices can be directed to Klever. Bills are stored in Klever and the application reminds the user of due dates, thus preventing bills from being paid late. Paying is as secure as online banking.

For companies, billing through Klever is cheaper than an e-invoice. Using Klever reduces late payments and makes it easier to move away from paper and mail invoices. Klever’s co-operation with Lindorff further improves the service: if a customer needs time to pay a bill, he or she can arrange it directly in Klever without contacting the billing company. The company receives a payment through Klever on the due date and Lindorff handles the bill financing with the consumer at a moderate price.

For more information, please contact: Jussi Muurikainen, Head of Communications, Klever
jussi.muurikainen@kleverappcom.test.cchosting.fi, +358 50 567 3100

Klever in brief:

Klever is a financial technology start-up company that has developed a mobile app to receive and pay bills. The company, which was set up in 2015, has raised EUR 3 million in funding from investors and received an EUR 0.5 million loan from Business Finland. Now the company is in the commercialization phase and cooperation with major brokers and banks is underway. Klever is currently issuing shares through Invesdor (www.invesdor.com/klever), with a maximum target of € 1.5 million. www.kleverapp.com

Lindorff in brief:

Lindorff has helped people in credit management in Finland for over 50 years. At present, the company is part of Lowell as Europe’s second largest provider of credit management services. Lindorff’s customer service helps over half a million Finns to handle bills and debts annually. Lindorff’s name and brand will be replaced into Lowell later this year in Finland. www.lindorff.fi