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Why did Elina Koivumäki, the singing lawyer, invest in growth company Klever?

Mathias Soini

Mathias Soini

Elina Koivumäki loves singing. So much in fact, that she decided to showcase her singing skills at the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki last autumn, in front of thousands of business executives. Spontaneously and cleverly she presented the song “Like a Virgin” to whom else, then Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire and founder of Virgin group.
However, Elina’s love for karaoke did not bring her to the Nordic Business Forum. She has been a shareholder in the Eversheds law firm for almost 17 years, and she is known as the queen of social media and an expert speaker among other things.

Elina’s GDPR skills have kept her busy lately. This can easily be imagined, based on the tsunami of corporate GDPR emails that have been flooding us all lately. In the middle of the hurry, she admits, that she hasn’t always found the time for washing the laundry, also some bills have been left unpaid.

“Paying bills is an unpleasant necessity. No one can escape it, so why not make it as easy and quick as possible? ”

Elina values companies that have created time-saving solutions. “My interest in Klever was intrigued, simply because it saves people time. Even if you have money, you cannot buy more time, she points out. “It is important for growth companies to know how to sell people time and time savings. In Klever, it is evident in many ways, and the application is also very easy to use, “she justifies her investment in Klever.

Elina is also a shareholder in Kyrö Distillery and the event hotel Huone. Klever supports the same ideology as in the case of the aforementioned companies, that being internationalizing in the near future. Klever is a fully scalable company thanks to the business model focusing on growth through its partners. Over 18 billion invoices are sent annually in Europe, of which about 80% are still paper invoices. Even a one percent market share would amount to an annual volume of 180 million invoices.

“Old ways of action are questioned and payments are now being done with bitcoins instead of gold bars.” “Big structural changes now favour Fintech- companies”.

The financial sector has been in the turmoil of digitalization for a long time. However, this doesn’t mean that good operators wouldn’t have enough space in the market. Banks are open to cooperating with innovative and competent startup companies.

“It’s all about people,” Elina says as she is walking from the parking lot towards a seminar held at Vanajanlinna. These words also act as the slogan for her firm Lexperience. She returns to the question why she decided to invest in Klever. “At the end of the day, everything comes down to the people. Klever has a great team. ”

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