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Pia-Maria Nickström

Pia-Maria Nickström

Klever is expanding its marketing team by recruiting another digital marketer to the Helsinki office. At the same time I will begin a whole new adventure in New Zealand and start working remotely from there. This means that my desk is up for grabs! Let me tell you about my experience at Klever, so you know what to expect.

I started working at Klever in August 2016. I had returned from my exchange semester in Seoul a week before, probably still jet-lagged but craving to find practical skills to accompany my newly gained academic degree. In what felt like a long lunch break I was thrown from K-Pop concerts and Korean barbecue to Mothership of Work, the startup co-working space where Klever holds its Helsinki office. It was time for my first day as part of the marketing team at Klever.

My first day at the Klever office was what I later learned to be a completely normal day in the Klever team. I met my new co-worker Jonathan by the entrance, CMO Antti rolled in on a hover board, and Office Manager Christina welcomed us warmly with coffee and Klever email addresses. We grabbed some freshly made popcorn from the machine (one of the many perks of working at Mothership of Work) and had a good talk about our expectations for the new job. Antti told us to spend the next months breathing digital marketing in order to get as much out of the program as possible. We met the rest of the team, founders Jeanette and Simon, in a Google Hangout session which was one of many to come.

As Digital Marketing Trainees we attended several workshops and were consulted on mastering SEM, SEO, programmatic buying and social media strategy. About a month in, accounts for Google Adwords, DoubleClick and social media were handed over to us and we started learning by doing. We were then passed on the main responsibility of these channels and started managing the Klever marketing budget on our own. The amount of responsibility gained in such a short time was proof of how agile the company was.

So, did I get out as much as I could of the program? Yes, I would say, yes and a bit more than that. The months flew by and were eventful to say the least. We did everything from organising photoshoots to analysing website traffic, setting up a digital marketing strategy to writing scripts for TV commercials. One day I was filling up balloons with helium, the other I presented our marketing strategy to the board.

I would guess that there aren’t many companies that give their newly recruited members as much creative freedom and strategic responsibility as Klever. I’m really excited to stay in the company remotely as a Content Creator, meet our new colleague (maybe you?) and continue to build what we’ve started together. We’ve learned and been through a lot, but I guess this is only the beginning.

To apply for the position of Digital Marketing Specialist, please check out this link. The position is filled as soon as we find the perfect candidate, so please apply yesterday.