Marketing at Klever – How it all started

Mathias Söderholm


My story begins on a warm day in May as I find myself recording my first ever video-cv for a Digital Marketing position at this new, mysterious company called Klever. The information about the company was scarce but the keywords “startup” “FinTech” “mobile-application” got me interested! I already had experience from different startups and I knew I wanted to continue on that path, but this time I wanted to focus solely on the marketing aspect of a newborn company.

After a few rounds of interviews I find myself on the biggest yacht in Finland and I get a chance to get to know the people behind Klever and the collaborating partners helping out. As I walk home from the yacht-party late at night, I think to myself, I’m in the right place. I can’t wait to start working with these people.

After a brief summer vacation, the first day as a Digital Marketing trainee begins. By the entrance of my new working space, M.O.W, I get to meet my colleague Pia for the first time, and Head of Operations, Christina, who I had already met at the yacht-party. After a few encouraging words from Christina and the rest of the team via Hangout, it was time to get down to business.

Our trainee period consisted of four months of workshops, training-sessions, and multiple trips to our HQ in Vasa. But not only did we get proper training, we had the freedom to make our own decisions, plan and execute marketing strategies and get to work like the professionals we were about to become.

”Escape rooms in Stockholm and adventure parks in Vasa.”

I had some previous experience in Analytics, SEO, SEM and Social Media but I managed to learn a bunch of new stuff that I didn’t know before. Programmatic media buying was one of the areas I didn’t have previous experience in but the trainee program allowed me to master it like never before!

During the trainee period we were already getting a lot of responsibility and we felt we had the full support from the rest of the Klever team. We presented marketing budgets, competitor analysis and user personas. We created complex excel sheets for traffic calculations that we are still using and improving until this day. At this point Klever was still in beta, nevertheless, we managed to gain people’s interest and gather a solid user-base for the application, and still had time to experience escape rooms in Stockholm and adventure parks in Vasa.

So as the trainee period came to an end, me and my fellow colleague Pia felt we were ready to take off our trainee-cape and put on our specialist-shoes. We are now Digital Marketing Specialists and have gained a tremendous amount of new knowledge from real marketing veterans. But launching a new app is not just about following specific guidelines and routines, you also need to improvise and try new things. Things you probably wouldn’t be able to do at most trainee programs.

I’m really happy we were chosen to join the Klever Family from the start and I know our team will be part of something truly new and exciting. This is just the beginning.

Our trainee period lasted four months from 1.8-30.10.2016. Since then I have been working hands-on with Klever’s digital marketing channels and making sure you guys download the app and enjoy using it! Speaking of which, if you haven’t downloaded Klever yet, check out this awesome link! As of August I will be working as a Marketing Coordinator and continue my journey at Klever. We have some exciting new stuff coming up during the next months (yes, I’m looking at you Android!) as well as new features that will make it even easier for you to pay your bills and manage your economy. Stay tuned!