Klever at NBF17

Klever new people and Nordic Business Forum 2017

Mathias Soini

Mathias Soini

Imagine your first day at work in a new company. Nervosity, endless handshakes and taking in too much new information to handle. This was not the case at Klever. Jonne and me (Mathias) started our Klever-careers on Monday morning at Nordic Business Forum, a massive gathering of 7500 business leaders and some of the world’s most influential speakers.

The seminar starts with a bang, as a flashy video appears on the gigantic screens. It feels like you’re on the screening of a new Hollywood action movie or in a top modern nightclub in Las Vegas, but as you pinch yourself, you realise that you’re still in rainy Helsinki. With headliners, with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Will Smith, it was inevitable that the next two days were going to be memorable.

So Jonne, what was the most memorable moments, and what did you pick up from this year’s NBF? 

1. Patrick Lencioni (Founder of The Table Group)

According to Lenncioni there are two keys for success: Being smart and having a healthy organisation. Nowadays most of the companies are smart already, so they need to focus on being healthy. Trust -> Conflict -> Commitment -> Accountability -> Results.

2. Nick Vujicic (New York Times bestselling author)

“You need to try and try again, because the moment you give up, is the moment you fail”.

3. Sir Richard Branson and Will Smith

I would lie if I don’t bring this up in my personal top 3 moments. Just seeing Sir Richard Branson and Will Smith live, their charisma and ability to fill the whole conference hall just with their presence.

“NBF was a great start in a new job and a good chance to meet all the colleagues before starting at the office. I have felt very welcomed and I am very excited to get into my new tasks. I already feel that I’m a part of the Klever-family and I’m proud of it!” – Jonne Vares (Financial Office Associate)

As for me, these were the three highlights I picked up:

1. James Hansen (Professor at Columbia University)

According to Hansen, someone else will buy the fossil fuels if the demand for it decreases. “ A carbon fee should be introduced”, leading to the ones making less emissions getting paid (being the poor).

2. Stéphane Garelli (Emeritus Professor at IMD Business School Lausanne)

Garelli claims that the world is not like it used to be. And he presented a few examples. Tesla produced 76000 and Ford 6,7 million cars last year. However, Tesla’s market value is 20% higher than Ford’s.
Apple is also becoming the worlds largest manufacturer of watches with 24 millions sold watches this year. That equals the total production of watches in Switzerland.

3. Rachel Botsmann (World renowned trust-expert)

“Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owners, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest hospitality provider owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening here”. She claims that these companies created a market for assets that never had a marketplace before.

Botsmann also talked about a “trust leap”, which occurs when a person does something new or different from what they have done before. We all use apps like Uber and Airbnb today and when we tried these services for the first time it required a trust leap from each one of us. Think about how you pay your bills today, why are you still logging in to your e-bank and typing in account numbers manually? It’s time you also take a leap of trust and start paying your bills as securely but faster with Klever.

If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, make sure to head over to your nearest app store or click this link to take your first trust leap.

For me NBF was almost too good a start to be true for a new job and getting to learn everyone on the team. I am truly motivated to start killing it at work and I feel thankful for having got such a warm welcome by the company.

See you later alligator,

Mathias Soini

Digital Marketing Specialist