A story about an Office Associate Trainee

Office Associate Trainee at Klever

Cecilia Becker

Cecilia Becker

I am currently studying my fourth year of general education at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa. Graduates in general education usually work with things like administration, leadership, evaluation, consultation and development. Getting a degree requires a 6 week internship, and while I was searching for mine I decided to apply to a startup company.

The first time I heard about Klever was through a friend, and thought it would be a very interesting place to work at. I felt that Klever was a very innovative company and ahead of its time, and I also believed there was a demand for this kind of application. So I applied, and got the position!

When I arrived to the Klever office on my first day I met a lot of new people and was received in a very welcoming way. I was introduced to the whole system behind the app, how it was built and the different steps and processes behind it. Even though it felt like a lot information in the beginning, I soon felt like I was getting a grip of the company. It was time to get to work; I got a computer and several different e-mail inboxes to manage. I also got access to different programs that I had to learn how to use. My team members supported me and encouraged me to ask if there was something I was wondering about, which provided a great learning environment.

One of my favourite things with Klever is that once a month the whole team gathers to try out a new activity. During my internship we went horseback riding. I hadn’t been riding in 15 years, so it was really scary at first. But I also think it’s fun to challenge myself and try new things, and believe that’s something that the whole Klever team has in common.

During my internship I had a wide variety in work tasks. I did a lot of organising and planning, customer care, and even promoted the application during a two-day conference. I appreciated the chance to be a part of the development stage of an application before its actual launch. On the last day of my internship we arranged an Open House event and ended the evening with a really great Christmas party. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to end this experience.

When my internship first started, I didn’t know what to expect. Now I can say that this workplace has raised the bar for future jobs. I want to thank everyone at Klever for making my internship so great! It has been incredible to be a part of a team that is starting up something completely new.