The experience of working at a Finnish startup

Mathias Söderholm


Hi, I’m Ilirida from Denmark, and I’m working as a marketing trainee at Klever. I just started working here in the middle of January 2018, but I’m already loving the office in Vaasa and the people around. The Klever office is situated right in the centre of the city, within a stone’s throw from the restaurants. It’s very modern and stylish and the open-plan office solution makes it easier to follow what is going on in the different fields of the company.

There is a constant buzz at Klever and loads of things take place like meetings and events in different city’s or other countries, product development and new marketing campaigns. We also have an office in Helsinki, so there is also a lot of commuting between Vaasa and the capital. The marketing is done from Helsinki, witch I’m helping with from Vaasa.

Luckily, there is also time for fun. Laughter and jokes are an essential part of the meetings at Klever, and I think that is very important when working in such a stressful environment.

I have been asked why I chose to come to Finland to do my internship. Well, some people like the sun, some the snow and I am a more of the latter. I like the snow and the cosiness that it comes with. I think that in Finland you have a great opportunity to take advantage of the winter with the nice ice skating rinks and other winter activities. When I decided on the place, I began to investigate start-up companies in Finland. Because I’m intrigued about the start-up culture and the warm and driven atmosphere that is associated with them. Even though I’m working within marketing I’m also aware of many other things that are happening within the company and how a company is run.

I think the idea behind Klever is very clever as the name suggests. It’s not always easy to remember when you have a bill to pay. They can be lost in the inbox or just forgotten to be paid on time, even though one would have the money to pay for it. In Denmark, getting your bills paid on time is a common problem. For me the best part of Klever is that you will just get a notification on your phone to remind you when the due date of a bill is getting closer, and after that it will only take you a few seconds to pay the bills – so easy!

What I hope that I will learn at Klever is, what it means to be an employee at a start-up, that is competing with the banking sector, with an innovative and disruptive idea. Furthermore, I hope to learn to use the professional skills and theories that I have learned from school and put them in practice and see how it is like to work at a Finnish company. I’m already sure that I will return to Denmark a with a ton of experience richer. Thank you Klever for letting me be a part of your family for these few months!